Sunday, October 4, 2009

Again with Puppy Linux

Well, my SD card is in duty again. This time with the latest Puppy Linux, 4.3 as I remember?
Answer is 'Why not' just in case the question 'Why?'.
Well, some troubles with network manager, but connection using network scanner as usual without any problems (I don't believe anyway I'm the only having problem connecting to WEP  network, doesn't matter).
New system, new challenges.
FF 3.5 runs quite out of the box. It needs two small dbus packages and I could run it from hdd. As well as all extensions (extensions directory as a symlink). And the same with openoffice 3.1.1 as mountable sfs file (sfs file required conversion to sfs v.4 [download link]). And I've got again nice system. Skype also running, I've found an 'old' pet package with skype
BTW one hour to create custom os it's not so bad (with all FF bookmarks/passwords imported from files I left on my hdd)...

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