Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1337 alphabet

A = 4
B = |3
C = (
D = |)
E = 3
F = |=
G = 9 (Suppose to be like a g)
H = |-|
I = 1
J = j (normal since it's dedicated to "j00")
K = |<
L = |_
M = /\/\ or |\/|
N = /\/ or |\|
O = 0
P = p (normal since dedicated to "pwned") or |0
Q = &
R = |2
S = 5
T = 7
U = |_|
V = \/ (slashes)
W = \/\/ (slashes)
X = x (X is already 1337)
Y = %
Z = z (also already 1337)

(source: http://christianv.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=weekly&action=display&thread=24&page=1)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2D Barcodes tamed

I love open source software. And I don't agree people saying something is impossible. I use Linux so I disagree something is not possible on Linux.
This task was a real catastrophe. Mass Matrix barcodes generation.
iec16022 command-line software is cute but images are too small. Ok, you can specify widthxheight, but there is a side effect (just try it).
So pictures 24x24 pixels and mogrify from ImageMagick to change the size (maybe sharpness is not so high but readers doesn't have any problems with it - and the initial size was just 24x24 pixels !!!).
And than autotrace to convert it to any vector format (SVG in my case - easy to include into the web page).
And voila. I'm home. Ready. Than just a simple command line script with filenames as arguments.
Now I have to prepare script putting all images and descriptions into one PDF.


I really like new ideas. There is nothing more exciting for me than getting a new specification of whatever and study it.
But. Previous "But" denotes somehow "Hm. I really don't know" or "I'm sorry, I'm not sure". Hesitation multiplied by million.
I have to verify my sources. w3.org, whatwg.org, mozilla.org. Serious players? And still no clue what HTML5 is for. Few tricky features. Nice, but I don't need any HTML5 to create the same type of content and functionality.
"Tag soup". In many places I've found such a "definition". Well... Another "But". Probably authors doesn't see the difference between complexity and an ordinary mess. It's like saying that billboards are better than books because billboards are more readable.
Anyway - will see the future.  My prediction for HTML5 - it doesn't make any sense now. Maybe the future 'll show I'm wrong. Maybe.