Thursday, September 24, 2009

System reinstallation

Today. Today I have to reinstall my system. I hate it but there are some problems with Skype and sound, I don't want to investigate it - easier method is to reinstall my Ubuntu.
As usual it will be USB installation to 4GB pendrive. Space is not large but with some tweaks it's enough.
(and after few hours)  - system reinstalled. Anyway, it wasn't Skype problem at all. Pulseaudio. So it was a Skype problem, but after switching sound in/out to hw:Intel,0 everything is ok back again. And I've got a brand new system...
Still working on  I wonder why AJAX cannot access files from external domains while PHP does? Where is the clue? I've placed a simple jQuery blog topics' list on my page but what I had to do was getting Atom content using PHP (and mod_alias). Why PHP can do it and JS cant?

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